Weight Calculation Excel Sheet for Plate and Blank

Weight Calculation Excel Sheet for Plate and Blank:

In this, I would like to explain how to create a Weight Calculation Sheet in Excel. I want to cover what is the formula to find the weight of the plate and Blank. By using this sheet you can change or give the multiple values to find both weights. Already explain how to calculate these weight, in brief, you want to know more about by seeing this Posts below Calculate the Weight of Plate and Calculate the Weight of Round Blank


Open, The Excel sheet and then save the file then after creating the plan how many items required to place the components like material of description, material fo construction, size, quantity, Total Weight etc, as per your Requirement. see the Below figure.

Step 2:

Next, Add the materials and sizes what you want to execute by using the formula like how many numbers you want, create all data in the sheet by using excel cells and columns, rows. Add the formula as shown in the figure.

Step 3:

Then after change the values like thickness, diameter etc on the cells then you can achieve each weight and total weight by using this calculator sheet. you can also give the different values on this before change the formula you should consider the density of the plate because the density of the plate changes for Stainless steel and Mild steel etc.

Step 4:

By using the Control keys you can copy or paste the same matter to any of the cells and calculate the various weights by this. The filter method is very important to know the specific materials. Simply Select all of the rows above and give right click apply the filter.

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