Calculate the Weight of Round Blank

Calculate the Weight of Round Blank:

In this, I would like to explain how to calculate the weight of the Round Blank by using the simple formula. During this calculation, I consider Example as Stainless steel Grade plate of SS316 as follows.


This formula you can use any of the plate not only this grade plate. First, you should know the Density of the Plate, Sheet or Metal. The different Grade plates have the Different Density according to this value the weight of the Round Blank changes.

Area = ((π x (Diameter x Diameter))/4) x Density of the Material

Area (A) = (πD2/4) ×  Density of the Material

For Example, I required the weight of the blank this dimension as follows:

Material is SS316

Thickness = 10 mm

Diameter  = 500 mm

(Note: All dimensions are in millimetres)

Area (A) = (πD2/4) ×  Density of the Material

Area (A) = 3.1428 x (500)2 /4 x 0.000008   (The density of the SS316 is 8)

Area (A) = 1.57 Kgs

You can also try this formula for any of the sheets or plates by you should change the density value what is assigned for the plate. For Example like Mild Steel, Stainless steel other grades plates.

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