Calculate the Volume of Torispherical Head or Dish 10%

Calculate the Volume of Torispherical Head or Dish 10% :

In this i am going to explain How to calculate the Volume of Torispherical Head or Dish 10% before going to the topic you should know what is Torispherical head or dish where these types of heads or dishes are use . First These types of Heads are used for Manufacturing of Vessels. Example: Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Filters and dryers, Heat Ex-changers, Condensers etc. Generally, these heads are looks like a end caps these are used on a Cylindrical Shaped Pressure Vessels.

Torispherical Dish:

Torispherical head or Dish with a proper or fixed radius, Generally it consists Crown radius, Knuckle radius,Straight face the radius of the dishes are not constant it varies depends on the size of the total dish for example the internal diameter, Thickness, height of the dish and Volume. To calculate the volume of the head Height of the Dish is required. Actually these type of head or Dish used to Close or Cover the top,end of the Cylindrical Shell to form a required Vessel or tank. These heads are more economical because the Radius and Height is varies it depends upon the major and minor axis and also during manufacturing the precision is high it take more time at different ratios.In most countries, vessel heads over a certain size In the United States that code is the ASME (Boiler and pressure Vessel code)

For example i considering internal Diameter is 1650mm, Crown radius is 1650 mm, Knuckle radius is 165 mm, Straight face is 50 mm. You want to know how to calculate the Knuckle, Crown radius’s check out this previous post by click on the link:

Formula for to calculate height any type of Torispherical head or Dish is:

=  I D X 0.194 + S.F + THK
= 1650 X 0.194 + 50 + 8
= 378.43 mm

ID = Internal Diameter, SF = Straight Face, THK = Thickness

Note : All Dimensions are in mm (millimeters)

Without Consider the SF The formula for to Calculate the Volume of Torispherical Dish 10% :

(ID/12)X 0.582 = gallons     (equation -1)

NOTE: In this I considering internal Diameter in Inches.

Already we have 1650 mm Internal Diameter

Convert Internal Diameter to Inches    (1 Inch = 25.40 mm)

Then, 1650/25.40 = 64.96 INCHES (approximately consider 65)

Substitute these Values in Equation-1

= (65/12)3 X 0.582

= (5.41)3 X 0.582

= 158 X 0.582

= 91.95 (NEARLY 92)

= 92 gallons                          ( 1 gallon = 3.78541 liters)

= 92 gallons x 3.78541

= 348.257 liters

Next, What about the SF Volume after finding above add those it may simple to find Total Volume. Why i consider the Area Formula. The height of the SF is 50 mm and internal Diameter is 1650 mm then it is a cylindrical Shell to find the Volume of the Cylindrical objects you should consider this formula after find the volume add these to above the you can obtain Total Volume of the Dish.

Note : All Dimensions are in mm

To calculate the SF Consider this formula:

Area    = PI X R2 X H                 ( R = ID/2) =1650 mm/2= 825 mm

           =3.1428 X (825)X 50

           =3.1428 X 680625 X 50

          = 106953412.5 /106

          = 106.95 liters

Add both the Values and to get Total Volume of the Torispherical Dish 10%

Total Volume of the dish = 348.25 liters +106.95 liters

                                         = 455.20 liters

                                          = 455 Liters

Actually, the 1650 mm Internal Diameter of the Torispherical Dish 10% occupies 455 Liters.

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