Mark Stiffeners on a plate in Fabrication

Mark Stiffeners on a plate in Fabrication:

In this, I am going to explain how to mark stiffeners on a plate with fabrication terms. You want to know the process of how to mark the stiffeners on a plate or sheet watch the full video below. This is a very long process to explain in brief. By using AutoCAD Software I achieved my requirements.

Stiffeners making process:

  1. For example, I want to develop circular object as shown in the video figure. The internal diameter is 5000 mm and the outer diameter is 5800 mm as compared to small circular objects it is large in diameter.
  2. Then after plan, the drawing or sketch how many segments are required to make a circular one first.
  3. Next, consider the plate how much thickness is required as per your requirements.
  4. I consider the plate of 2000 mm width and 6000 mm long
  5. After drawing the vertical line on the centre of the plate with 2900 mm distance this is the half of the outer diameter 5800 mm
  6. On the end point of the vertical mark the radius of the outer diameter 2900 mm then you can observe one of the arcs will form on that plate both points meet the end of the plate.
  7.  Again mark the radius 2500 mm at the endpoint of the vertical lines this is half of the internal diameter 5000 mm
  8. Then final you obtain the one segment with radius 2900 mm and 2500 mm and intersect the two points to vertical line endpoint.
  9. To find the OCF of the segments you can measure by using measurement tape. I get this 400 mm width, 2042 mm OCF  and 1760 mm OCF for one segment.
  10. Then next find how many segments are coming to make around.


To find total OCF = pi x D

= 3.1428 x 5800 mm OD

= 18228 mm OCF

Consider the each segment OCF = 2042 mm

= Total OCF / Each OCF

= 18228 / 2042

= 8.92 numbers are coming

= nearly 9 no’s required to form a one round

Next, draw one of the circles at the endpoint of the segment with radius 2905 mm why I am giving extra giving this is the cutting clearance for all segments. Follow the same process to get all the nine segments. You want to know the detail drawing how to make the process watch the below video.

Watch full video:

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