Develop Stiffeners for Reactor

Develop Stiffeners for Reactor:

In this post, I would like to explain how to develop stiffeners for the reactor or any of the equipment as you wish to follow this process. Already explained the detail drawing in AutoCAD software you want to watch the video see below.


Cluster reactors are utilized for the vast majority of the responses completed in a research centre. The reactants are put in a test-tube, cup or measuring glass. They are combined, frequently warmed for the response to occur and are then cooled. They would then be able to utilize a similar hardware for these responses. Another option to a clustering procedure is to sustain the reactants ceaselessly into that.

Making of Stiffeners:

  1. First, select the reactor drawing how much thickness gap stiffeners should require to consider that first.
  2. The maximum amount of drawings stiffeners thickness is 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and between pitch 100-125 mm of client requirement, width is 32 mm and 40 mm.

Example: 3000 litres reactor

= Main shell  height + 4 turns the bottom dish

= 1700 height + 4 turns a bottom dish

Measure OCF of the Main Shell = 5079 mm

Given, Stiffeners = 32 width x 6 thickness x 120 pitch

Turns on the Main shell = Main shell Height/ Pitch

= 1700/120

= 14 turns ( Approx)

Turns on a Bottom dish = 4 turns

Total Turns = 14+4 turns

Total turns = 18 turns


= 18 turns x OCF of the shell

= 18 x 5079 mm

= 91422 mm

Then 91422/1000

= 91.422 meters

= 91.422 meters required

Example we have availabe sheet length

= 1500 width / 32 width

= 46 pieces

= 46 pieces x long

= 46 x 2500

= 115,000 mm

= 115 meters

Watch full videos:

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