Develop Blank for Ellipsoidal Dish (2:1)

Develop Blank for Ellipsoidal Dish (2:1):

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Introduction to Ellipsodial head:

In pressure Vessel, manufacturing Industries fabrication is one of the most important processes it consists of cutting sheets, Metal planning, Weldings. How many grooves should maintain before the welding these types of Different aspects should consider before the Fabrication process. After cutting the sheets to form a required Blank joining the two sheets and weld in possible ways according to ASME section standards and design. Designs are necessary before welding how much angles should maintain to Combine the two sheets.

During this process large type of pressing machines and rolling machines, cutting machines, Grinding machines are required to form a pressure vessel Heads. Different types of models are available in pressure vessel designs. After design, the complete types of equipment the approve drawings, Well trained Engineers and labour are maintaining to make best Quality Products.

Quality of the Vessel should be necessary for this process. By achieving these aspects most expensive tools they use to overcome the precision levels and accuracy. During the assembling of the Pressure, vessel heads to the cylindrical Vessels. The Internal Diameter of both head and vessel are same to make a proper fit.

The pressure vessels are operating with high pressure and heat transfer rates. The assembling of the vessels and requirement of the welders are so high in these type of manufacturing industries. The Ellipsoidal dish is also called as Elliptical heads. These types of Types of equipment are pharma industries, Petrol chemical processing industries. Mostly these type of Pieces of equipment is very highly used to store the Raw materials. These Equipment are more costly as compared with Storage tanks, Cylinder type Vessels. Mainly the pressure vessel required pressure, Vacuum, Heat transfer ratios.

The Guidelines and Pressure Vessel design Code Standard should follow before Manufacturing the Pressure Vessels Standard design vessels are required for Chemical and food Production Industries.

Compare to a Torispherical head and Ellipsoidal Dish the Height of the Dish is large vessel heads are available in different type of metals like steels, Titanium, Hastelloy etc. These are Economically high to maintain the performance of the vessel and Quality should be in a high ratio. The material of constructions is Stainless steel SS304, SS316, SS316L etc.

First consider the thickness of the Head Required to Fabricate after that measure all the dimensions on the Drawing like Straight face, internal Diameter, Crown Radius and Knuckle Radius. After that Plan the Blank or template to Fabricate the Ellipsoidal head. Consider the Below Formula to Calculate. Main points are Design, Fabrication, Testing, Inspection, Testing, Final approve Drawings, Documentations are necessary before dispatching from One industry to Another Industry.


Note: All Dimension are in mm (millimetres)

Required Blank

= ID  X 1.15 + (2XS.F)
= 1650 X 1.15 + (2X50)
= 1897.5 +100
= 1997.5 Diameter
= 1998 mm Diameter

A thickness of the blank is 10 mm

1998 mm Diameter X 10 Thickness of Blank Required to make a 1650 internal diameter of the Ellipsoidal Dish 2:1


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