Develop a C-Pipe coils for Reactor

Develop C-Pipe coils for Reactor:

In this, I am going to explain how to mark the c-pipe coils for the equipment I would like to explain here. See the full tutorial video in the below you can observe. I explained some of the formulas how to find and develop these c-pipe coils as you wish you can also calculate with different formats.


Limpet curl reactor vessels are utilized to control the temperature of the reactants with the assistance of warming or cooling media flowed through loops encompassing the principle vessel. In a perfect world appropriate for medium warmth exchange prerequisite and warming application where warming media temperature is over 150 Centigrade (302 Fahrenheit). Loops are half channelled welded on the external side of the fundamental vessel.

Making of Limpet coils C-pipes:

1. First, select the reactor drawing how much thickness and gap of coils pitch required.

2. The maximum amount of drawings limpet coils thickness is 3 mm, 4 mm and between pitch is 100 to 125 mm as per the client requirements 50 nb, 65 nb, 80 nb

Example: 3000 Liters Reactor

Given c-pipe = 50 nb x 3 mm thk

As per standard, I considering

50 nb c-pipe x Sch 10

65 nb c-pipe x Sch 10

80 nb c-pipe x Sch 10

Example: 50 nb pipe Outer diameter is 56 mm


= pi x D

= 56 x 3.1428

= 176 /2

= 88 long width

= 90 mm nearly

Then next find how many meters required for the reactor

I consider the plate is 1500 mm width x 6000 mm length

= 1500/90

= 16 pieces

= 16 pieces x long

= 16 x 6000

= 96000 mm

= 96000/1000

= 96 meters

Watch full videos:

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