Convert plate into Required strips

Convert plate into Required strips:

In this post, I would like to explain to how to convert the plate into required strips in fabrication terms. You want to know the detail explanation how to find these in AutoCAD see the below video.


Framing is a procedure of material misshapening. Framing is ordinarily connected to metals. To characterize the procedure, a crude material piece is shaped by applying power to a question. The power must be sufficiently extraordinary to change the state of the question from its underlying shape. The way toward framing can be controlled with the utilization of apparatuses, for example, punches or bites the dust. Apparatus can likewise be utilized to control constrain greatness and course. A case of machine-based shaping can likewise join framing and welding to deliver lengths of manufactured sheeting, most normally found as straight grinding (utilized basically for water waste)

Legitimate outline and utilization of apparatuses with hardware make a repeatable shape which can be utilized to make items for some, businesses, including gems, aviation, car, development, common and building, and so forth. The distance across and profundity of shaped parts.

Fabrication Process:

Example the client required 8 thickness, 40 mm width and 4000 mm long strips 31 no’s

  1. First how much plate is required to make 31 no’s
  2. I am considering 1250 mm x 4000 mm x 8 thickness plate
  3. Next, how many strips are available in this plate to calculate

= 1250 mm width / 40 width

= 31.25 pieces are coming

= 31 strips nearly

Without calculation how to find the strips see the below full video explained in AutoCAD.

You want to convert this all 31 no’s strips into meters

= 31 x 4000 mm

= 124000 mm

= 124000/1000

= 124 meters.

Watch full videos:

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