Welding Designs 2D & 3D

Welding Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I would like to explain how to develop the 2D welding drawings in detail. I am going to explain one of the specific drawings from all of the below drawings that is a top dish to shell weld detail 2D in AutoCAD as follows. Before proceed to draw the drawing you should follow some points.


  1. All dimensions are mm (millimetre)
  2. This detail welding drawing is used for both top dish and a bottom dish of the Vessels.
  3. Follow the Principles of design and ASME Section Standards.

Step: 1

First, open the AutoCAD software any of the version and select the new file then one of the dialogue boxes will appear on that select the acad and select no template with metric. Then after the new file will open on the screen. You want to change the units to centimetre or inches by using command line type on that Units. You can change the units there.

Before going to draw the drawing check out my previous posts once Pressure Vessel Design 2D & 3D

The actual drawing as shown in the figure below. By using the spline command where you want to draw the welding detail zoom that part and plan. Type the spline on the command prompt then it asks first and another endpoint select that and hit the enter three times to complete the spline operation.

Step: 2

After giving the splines on the region where you want on top and bottom and trim the other unwanted lines all by using the trim command, delete command. Measure the thickness of the dish and cylindrical shell are same thickness are following or not. Here I consider the thickness value is 8mm. Both top dish and cylindrical shell thickness are 8mm as shown in the figure below.

Step: 3

The next step is to mention all the dimension as per the section standard design according to specifications. The gap between for 8mm thickness plate is 1.5 mm on both length and width you can see. The angle should maintain for this type of weldings is 60 degrees on that actual position the welding process will begin.

Measure the angles and distances by using the dimension tool these are available on the annotation toolbar on the Home tab.

  1. The thickness is 8 mm
  2. The angle is 60 degrees
  3. The Gaps are 1.5 mm

Step: 4

The total drawing is completed. You want to modify the objects use these commands as follows:

  1. Move command
  2. Rotate command
  3. Delete command
  4. Copy command
  5. Hatch command

The same process for all of the drawings. You want to know in detail watch my videos. Then after giving hatch to the objects leave the between 60-degree angle and give rest of the drawing on the middle select the solid style then anyone can easily understand this is called welding detail drawing.

This is one of the methods for drawing the welding details. There are so many methods are available to design the drawings like this. After saving the document print the drawing as per your requirements to Print Press Ctrl+P

Watch full videos:


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