Pressure Vessel Designs 2D & 3D

Pressure Vessel Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I am going to explain how to draw a Pressure vessel tank in AutoCAD with Torispherical Dish ends. I already explained the topics. The size of the Dish is 1650 mm internal diameter and 8 mm thickness. Before you want to develop this should know the detail calculations and results of the Torispherical Dish for check previous post by click on this Torispherical head 2D in AutoCAD 

Step: 1

Open AutoCAD software and select the new template and create a new drawing. Draw a line of 1650mm horizontally which is equal to the ID. And measure the dimensions by using the linear commands. These are available in Home toolbar. You can also draw the line outside by selecting the middle point and drag that to the above torispherical head bottom horizontal line as shown in the figure.

Step: 2

At the endpoints of the horizontal line draw a vertical line of 1870 mm this is the height of the total pressure vessel shell means cylindrical shell and it forms a rectangular object as shown in the figure and measures all the dimensions with annotation tool with linear options. Draw the two Vertical lines at the endpoints fo the Horizontal line with exact 1870 because these called as the height of the Cylindrical shell. This is places in between the two torispherical dishes then the pressure vessel you can design by using this commands as follows.

Step: 3

Next simply copy the object of the rectangle and attach to the Torispherical dish or head it should coincide with the required internal diameter of the dish by using the move and rotate commands. After attaching the 1650 mm x 1870 mm rectangle to the top torispherical head and next consider the second torispherical dish by using the copy command copy the same object to outside and rotate properly with rotate command and place at bottom the rectangle drawing. Then the total drawing is complete next what about the thickness.

Step: 4

By using the offset give distance 8mm on both sides because the thickness of the dish is 8 mm. Apply 8 mm thickness to all rounded rectangle as shown in the figure. Only mention the thickness of the vertical lines the thickness is not necessary above and below horizontal lines. Next measure all the dimensions with linear.

The thickness of the dish depends on the real need of the head what we are using. For example, how much thickness consider to the dish same thickness should consider to the Cylindrical shell if you do not take like that the positions are not in assemble. You can also give the welding details to this drawing at the two top end and bottom ends by using the hatch operations and change the colours.

You want to give text this pressure vessel Drawing use these two commands

  1. Mtext
  2. Text

By using these two commands you can give the text to the drawing anywhere as your wish. After completion of the total drawing save the file Ctrl+Save. These drawing will helpful for future use.

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