Nozzle Orientation Designs 2D & 3D

Nozzle Orientation Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I am going to explain how to draw a nozzle orientation on head or dish in AutoCAD Software. Already explain how to draw a Torispherical Dish in AutoCAD you want in detail check out this previous post  Torispherical head 2D in AutoCAD

Step 1:

As shown in the below figure I created one of the nozzle orientation tables and design the torispherical dish front view in 2D. next, draw the two vertical lines at the end point of the dish to top and also draw one of the middle vertical lines. This circle is the outer diameter of the circle. The actual nozzle radius is 645 mm required as follows.

Step 2:

By using the dimension tools linear and radius on annotation check the dimensions. Type LT on command prompt one of the dialogue boxes will appear to give dashed lines to vertical lines. Draw a circle of radius 645 mm on the centre of the vertical line as shown in the figure. This is the top view drawing of the torispherical head.

Step 3:

Mention the dimensions to the drawing by using measuring tools After that see the nozzle schedule I already mention all the serial no’s, Description, Size and Angles etc. The angles I created 0 to 315 degrees. By using the line command before off the ortho option on the below and next draw the lines according to with angles list and description. Draw each line and simultaneously measure the angles are correct or not.

Step 4:

Next, draw one of the horizontal lines in between the circle at the centre. Draw the small circles called nozzles top view on each angle what you created before on the Circle. Actually, I mentioned all the 25NB nozzles here as you wish you can change the nozzles and their sizes according and related with pipe sizes.

Step 5:

The internal diameter of the torispherical dish is 1650 mm and the outer diameter is 1666mm because the thickness is 8mm of the head. The radius of the nozzle is 645 mm then after mentioning the text by using

  1. Mtext command
  2. Text command

You can the large and small texts in AutoCAD by using these two commands and change the background by using Mtext operation. Then finally the Front view and Top view of the Torispherical dish is completed with nozzle orientation.

Give the degrees with copy and move command after the edit that to 0 to 315 degrees in clockwise or anticlockwise directions. The direction is important to develop the nozzle orientation. The Pressure Vessel  Consists of complicated nozzles because of the high pressure and temperatures. The pressure Vessel Orientation is more Complicated design as compared with other storage tanks etc.

The table is created with Table command it will give automated columns and rows by this u can prepare the bill of materials, nozzle schedule, design data table etc.

You can also draw the internal diameter and outer diameter of the pipes in the middle of the flanges as shown in the figure.

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