Lug Supports Designs 2D & 3D

Lug Supports Designs 2D & 3D:

I am going to explain how to draw a lug support drawing in AutoCAD Software. This is the isometric drawing already explain 2D design posts you can also check previous drawings. This is the general 3D Drawing of lug supports.

Step: 1

First, open the AutoCAD Software and select the new template with acad on the below select the new template with the metric option and then the new drawing file will open on the screen. Next, Save the file on the desktop for further or future use of the new drawing.

After that go on to the OSNAP settings option on below right side you can see click on that then one of the dialogue boxes will appear with a lot of options in it select the snap settings and change the rectangular snap to Isometric snap and after simply click on OK.

Then after you can see the actual icon is changed to inclined symbols by using the F5 functional key you can change the directions as you wish. Draw a line by using line command on cmd prompt bar anywhere then you can observe the difference between the rectangular plan and isometric plan.

Draw the profile what you observe on the screen right side with all the dimension I mentioned in it.

Step: 2

Draw the 300 mm line first and change the directions complete one of the rectangle blocks and consider the height of that block to 20 mm thickness as shown in the below figure.

The bottom block is completed by seeing the front view and side views of the lug support blocks etc. Then develop the side plates of same thickness 20 mm. Then finally the three blocks are completed by using only the line command.

Step: 3

Next, draw the small circles of diameter 25 mm on both sides of the blocks and bottom side. Here the circle command is not possible to draw you should use the ellipse command and select the isocircle option on the command prompt and select the centre point and draw the circle where you want to develop.

Step: 4

How to give the dimensions for isometric drawings if you select the normal annotation toolbar on the home like by using with linear or aligned the direction are not correct position. You want to change the position of the dimension should use

  1. DIMEDIT command

First, select the aligned option and pick the first endpoint and second endpoint on the object anywhere as your wish. Next type the command DIMEDIT on the command line it asks some option on that select the oblique one and after it asks to select the objects to select the dimension style what you created before on the drawing.

Give the angles -30, 30, 90,-90 degrees. Then the angle of the dimension style change according to this operations as shown in the below figure.

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