Lifting Hook Designs 2D & 3D

Lifting Hook Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I would like to explain how to draw the lifting hook drawing in AutoCAD software and this I will cover some of the topics like how to draw the front, top, side views follow some general commands to develop this type of models in AutoCAD and I hope you this drawing is helpful too.

Note: All dimensions are in mm

Step: 1

Draw the circle first with a circle command of radius 60 mm and after again draw the circle of radius 50 mm as shown in the figure below. Next, draw the vertical line at the centre point of the Circles meet. The vertical line length is 150 mm.

Draw the Horizontal on the below of the vertical line. You can also draw the line on outside drawing and simply select the middle or centre point coincide the both.

Step: 2

Next, develop the two slant line by select the two endpoints on the top and below the horizontal lines and after give the different by a layer that means hidden or dotted lines. By using the linetype command after you can see the different styles pick the any of one and load the linetypes select the original lines and apply the styles.

Measure the dimensions with tools like linear, radius, diameter etc. This toolbar is available on the top of the annotation palette on the Home tab.

Step: 3

The front view of the lifting hook drawing is completed and next, I want to develop the Side view and top views. The views are necessary for any of the drawings. Next, project the all of the lines as shown in the figure. You can see the lines 6 No’s without wasting your time simple project the lines and draw the side view by using same commands what we discuss before.

  1. Line command
  2. Copy command
  3. Move command
  4. rotate command
  5. linetype command
  6. trim command
  7. extend command etc.

Step: 4

Next, draw the side view by using the same commands and measure all the dimensions with tools. Then the final drawing is completed as shown in the figure.

AutoCAD is the computer-aided design software simply called as CAD. This is the drafting application. By this software, you can also render the objects in less time and apply the different types of materials like wood, stainless steel etc. This is the first and best software to develop the 2D drafting.

The performance of this software is very high in range. To draw the engineering drawings this software is very useful to anyone. The user can plan the drawings in less time. The compatibility is high in AutoCAD Software.

In every industry, this software plays a major role to develop the 2D & 3D models. The user experience is good for these type of software. The user can easily understand this software as compared with other software in the market. This software mainly used in Mechanical, Architectural, Construction Departments.

It will give many possible ways to draw the object in less time. It will increase the creativity for the user.


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