Hemispherical Head Designs 2D & 3D

Hemispherical Head 2D in AutoCAD:

For to Draw, a hemispherical dish considers four points first. To develop a Hemispherical type of dishes in any software follow the below calculations and procedure before performing the designs in software like AutoCAD etc.

  1. Thickness
  2. internal diameter
  3. Inside dish radius
  4. The height of the dish

Note: All Dimensions are in mm

Follow these calculations to draw a Hemispherical dish in  2D

Step: 1

How much internal diameter, the thickness of the dish required for the client, for Example, he asks to make 1650 mm Internal diameter and 10 mm thickness.

Let’s get started this drawing open the AutoCAD Software and select the no template with metric and select the acad drawing template after the new file will see on the screen on the draw the circle of radius 825 mm by using the circle command. As you wish, you can also select the new document in inches or any of the other units by using the units command after open new template you can also change the dimensions by using the units commands.

Internal dish radius = internal diameter/2

= 1650/2

= 825 mm

Step: 2

Draw a Horizontal line of 1650 mm at the middle of the circle both endpoints of the horizontal line should coincide with the circle as shown in the below figure and next trim the half part of the circle by using the Trim Command. Check the dimension by using annotation toolbar in that you can see the linear operations like a circle, radius etc. Click on that select the radius and it automatically shows the radius what you have drawn before example 825 mm.

Step: 3

Then the thickness of the dish is 10 mm and by using the offset command offset the distance to 10 mm of the entire drawing and measure the thickness value or correct or not by using the annotation tools either linear or aligned operations. Finally, you complete the Hemispherical dish 2D in AutoCAD. see the thickness by using the annotation tools.

Finally, you get all the values by using the AutoCAD.

  1. Thickness is 10mm
  2. internal diameter is 1650 mm
  3. Inside dish radius is 825 mm
  4. The height of the dish is 835

The above three values already know but the height of the dish does not know by using the AutoCAD software with different commands and operations you can find any of the objects within less time. By using this software you can find any of the calculations within less time and more accurate.

The accuracy depends upon the need of drawings. The AutoCAD software is one of the best software to draw the 2D objects with perfection and easily understand to any person. As compared with the torispherical and ellipsoidal dishes or heads the hemispherical dish height is more. For example, you consider the two these types of dishes and combine together then you get the Spherical object. It called a sphere.

By using this software you can design both 2D & 3D models. The different type of features like rendering, animation effects also you can give to objects.

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