Cone Designs 2D & 3D

Cone Designs 2D & 3D:

I am going to explain how to draw a General cone 2D in AutoCAD. For example, the client required 500 mm ID X 200 mm ID X 8 mm THK General Cone of height is 450 mm.

Step 1:

Open AutoCAD Software. Note all dimensions are in mm select the drawing template open with no template metric and top outer diameter is 516 mm, Bottom outer diameter 216 mm. Draw a horizontal line 500 mm by using line command this is internal Diameter. check dimension with the annotation toolbar using linear as shown in the figure.

Step 2:

Draw a vertical line from the midpoint of the Horizontal line of length 450mm. This line mentions the height of the dish what we discussed before the start drawing.

Step 3:

Draw a horizontal line outside and coincide that line with the vertical line endpoint as shown in the figure and measure dimension with the proper tools like linear on annotation. Finally, you can see in this drawing top one in large diameter and lowe one is the smaller diameter of the cone. In between the two horizontal you can see the 450 mm height.

Step 4:

Coincidence the two endpoints from the two sides by using line command. Next, cut all the dimension before to go ahead. You see the slant line on the screen image simply coincide with the two endpoints of the horizontal line on both sides then get these type of object finally.

Step 5:

Draw a line 8mm from the endpoints and give the thickness of the cone and coincidence the two endpoints from the two sides by using line command as shown in the figure. The thickness of the cone should need because to find the exact internal diameter outer side or inner side. Draw a small line at the end point of the horizontal line at the top on both sides. All four sides draw the same length and combine those with line command.

Step 6:

Finally, the required cone obtained give dimensions by using measuring tools linear. This the general cone I explained in this you want different types of cone how to draw in AutoCAD check out my videos on below. Then the 500 mm is the top internal diameter and 516 mm is the top outer diameter of the cone. Next 200 mm is the internal diameter of the bottom and 216 mm is the outer diameter of the cone.

Draw all the hidden line what you see on the below drawing with these commands as follows:

  1. Linetype command
  2. Changing the Bylayer

AutoCAD software gives the correct dimension to any object you consider. You want to change the decimal values like 516.16 mm by using the dimension style command. The shortcut is D. Then the setting dialogue box will appear on the screen then you can change the dimensions text, decimal values, Arrow size, line weight etc.

  1. Dimension style manager

By using this command you can give different styles and colours to the different engineering drawings. This is one of the Important commands in AutoCAD to adjust or set the proper dimension to the products either for 2D and 3D.

Watch full videos:



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