Flanges Designs 2D & 3D

Flanges Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I am going to explain how to draw a general Slip on Flange on AutoCAD Software with proper steps as follows.

Step 1:

Open AutoCAD software and select the template acad and open with no template metric. Note: All dimensions are in mm. Next drawing one of the tables as shown in the figure below. This is the ANSI B16.5 ASA 150# Slip on Flange. These are the standard dimensions pipe size is 4 inch or 100 mm, Outer diameter is 228.6 mm, Holes Pitch core diameter to draw holes is 190.5 mm and required holes are 19 mm, Total no of holes is 8. The thickness of the flange is 23.5 mm, inner diameter is 116.1 mm, Raised face 157.2 mm, Raised face Depth is 2 mm and Hub depth is 7.5 mm. These are the required dimensions for prepare the drawing in this Software.

Step 2:

Draw the Flange outer diameter and inner diameter by using the line commands. You can observe the drawing contains both horizontal and Vertical lines check the dimensions with measurement tools like linear on annotations. Next, use the line type command and mention the dotted lines by selecting the dashed5x style and simply selecting the lines it will changes automatically.

Step 3:

Next, draw the Hub depth, Raised face, Holes, Pitch circle diameter as shown in the figure. Give dimensions to it looks good. Next procedure is how to draw the top view of the Slip on the flange with proper steps and tricks as follows.

Step 4:

Next, by using the hatch command give the inside path. Hatch is not applicable for the holes for this type of engineering drawings. This is the professional engineering drawing. This drawing is very helpful for the Beginners, Students and Engineers. Next, draw the two vertical lines to the bottom to draw the top view of the flange.

Step 5:

Next, draw the all of the vertical lines to the bottom position and according to those lines prepare the circle one is the internal diameter, outer diameter and Raised Face Circles as shown below. after using the line type operation to convert those lines to hidden or dotted lines etc and check the dimensions with measurement tools.

Step 6:

This is the final step to complete the total drawing of the slip on the flange. Here you can observe both the top view and Front view drawings. After drawing the Small circles nothing but holes and pitch core diameter same as what you drew before on the front view by using the circle commands. By using the Operations like

  1. Hatch command
  2. Text command
  3. Mtext command

By using these three commands give the hatch to the objects and mention the awesome text. This text contains different features like large or small. You can also give the background colours to it and also a different mask. Then finally the Slip of Flange 2D drawing is completed.

Consider all the dimensions and once check all the dimensions are correct or not if the dimensions are not correct to delete the drawing and proceed with new drawing again. You want to change this existing drawing simple double-click on the dimensions and change accordingly.

This drawing is the As built drawing of Slip on Flange.

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