Fasteners designs 2D & 3D

Fasteners designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I am going to explain how to draw the general fasteners in AutoCAD software. This is the 3-dimensional model. You want to know how to develop these type models follow these Commands.

First, work on 3D models these three styles are important and consider the following steps:

  1. Visual styles toolbar
  2. View tool
  3. Orbit tool

Proceed to draw the model in 3- Dimensional follow the below commands:

Commands                                  Dimensions

Polygon command                     16 mm radius

Extrude command                      14 mm height

Circle command                          11 mm radius

Extrude command                       50 mm height

Helix command                           10.5 mm circle radius, Turn 15 No’s

Additional commands

Extrude command

Subtract command

Step: 1

Draw a polygon on by using polygon command on the command line give the radius 16 mm. Then after extruding the drawing with 14 mm, this is the height of the head block. Change the solid styles with visual styles toolbar, Rotate the object with rotating orbit tool and you want to change the views of the horizontal toolbar as shown in the below figure.

Step: 2

Draw the circle on any other end of the head part give the circle radius 11 mm and extrude the circle with a 50mm height. Then you can see both head part and the bottom part completed successfully. Next, what would you like to do know is check the dimensions by double-click on the individual object then you can see the small box on that the dimensions will appear.

Step: 3

Next, Type the helix command on command prompt then it will ask for some options and select the radius and give the radius 10.5 mm. Note all dimensions are in mm only. Then drag the circle you can observe the turns on the objects on below it asks how many turns you want to rotate on the object give 15 turns.

Step: 4

Then after typing the sweep command and sweep the selected object as shown in the figure below. This create by simply click on the object what you want to develop.

Step: 5

Next by using the subtract command remove the material from the solid material by selecting the first object and click on enter and select the other object. Then finally the 3D model completed in AutoCAD.

After selecting the 3D orbit and rotate the object in 360 degrees then you can see the total drawing in detail. By selecting the views like south-west isometric, Northeast isometric views the proper positions identified and zoom the object where you want to change.

once check all the dimensions are correct or not. In the drawing, I consider 10.5 mm and 11 mm the circle diameter should less as compared with the circle diameter.

By this AutoCAD software, you can develop both 2D and 3D drawings in less time. This is one of the best software for draftings. The most of the Engineering drawings like mechanical or architectural will develop in this software. This is the basic software to know more about modelling.

There is so many advanced software are available in the market for 3D designs. This software consists of different type of features as compared with the other softwares.

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