Elbow Pipe Fittings Designs 2D & 3D

Elbow Pipe Fittings Designs 2D & 3D:

You want to know how to draw an Elbow pipe in Autocad. The procedure as follows with some of the images. This is the 90-degree elbow pipe and i collected the standard dimensions before making this drawing. This is one of the basic important tutorials for the beginners.

Step 1:

First, open the AutoCAD software and select the new file and one of the dialogue boxes will appear on the screen on that select the acid and open with no template with metric. Then the new drawing file is created you can observe on the screen. Next Draw the box by using rectangle command. Before continuing the drawing the data is required that is

  1. Pipe size is 3 inch or 80mm
  2. Outer diameter is 88.90 mm
  3. Elbow radius is 114.3 mm
  4. Thickness is 5.49 mm

Step 2:

Draw a radius of the circle is 114.3 mm after draw the vertical line at the centre of the circle it should half and again draw the one fo the vertical line it will both intersect with the circle as shown in the figure.

Step 3:

Next, trim the half part of the circle by using the trim commands and delete commands. After that offset the 114.3 mm radius of the circle to outer diameter 88.90 mm and measure all the dimension with annotation tool bar like linear etc.

Step 4:

Intersect both sides of the outer with line by using the line operation tool and again offset the radius 114.3 mm to the middle as shown in the figure and finally you can get the 90 degrees angle and check with angular dimension you can observe that on the drawing.

Step 5:

The thickness of the pipe is required. The actual thickness is 5.50 mm as per standard SCH 40. By using the offset command give the distance 5.50 mm on both sides at inside because we require an internal diameter and hatch the inside thickness with hatch command and measure the all angles what you want with measuring tools. Finally, the 90-degree elbow radius pipe is complete the dimensions are radius is 114.3mm, outer diameter 88.90 mm and thickness is 5.50 mm.

In the below figure I mentioned some of the values such as height is 114.3 mm on both sides. If you get the proper height then your drawing is finally correct. You can see in the drawing both radius and height are same.

This is one of the sample drawings. You want to draw the different type of fitting collect the dimensions and work on mechanical calculations after that draw the object in Autocad. The AutoCAD is the one of the best software to design the models in less time as compared with other 2d modelling software. It also gives the best output for 3d modelling objects.

This software is Very helpful for the beginners to work on 2d and 3d basic models. There are so many features are available like by using shortcut command you will develop the different types of 2D drawings like Architectural Drawings. You want to know the detail drawings about various pipes see below videos.

Watch full videos:

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