Antenna Dish Designs 2D & 3D

Antenna Dish Designs 2D & 3D:

In this, I am going to explain how to draw an Antenna dish 2D model in AutoCAD software. Before proceed to draw the drawing of this type of dish generally we require some of the data. I already check the dimensions and with some mechanical calculations as follows.

Step 1:

How to draw an Antenna dish in 2D

To develop an antenna dish follow these points:

  1. The diameter of the dish
  2. The depth of the dish
  3. The Focal Length
  4. Curve radius of the dish
  5. Angle
  6. Thickness

Note: All Dimensions are in mm

For example:

I required a diameter of the dish is 3613 mm, depth of the dish is 564 mm, the thickness is 8 mm, The focal length is 1447 mm?

The curve radius of the dish and Angle is found by using AutoCAD Software.

  1. The diameter of the dish = 3613 mm
  2. The depth of the dish = 564 mm
  3. The Focal Length = 1447 mm
  4. Curve radius of the dish = 3175 mm
  5. Angle = 26 degrees
  6. Thickness = 8mm

Step: 2

First, open the AutoCAD software and select the acad and template with the metric option because I considering millimetres (mm).

Draw the Horizontal line of 3613 mm this is the internal diameter and after a draw, the 564 mm vertical line at the centre point of the horizontal as shown in the below figure by using line command. Next, select the 3point arc on the arc command and select the two endpoints of the horizontal line and one endpoint vertical line one create the arc.

Next, draw the Vertical line of 1447 mm at the centre of the arc. This 1447 mm is focal length.

Step: 3

After that mention the dimensions to the object by using dimension tool these are available on annotation toolbar like linear, angle, aligned etc. Then intersects the two points of the endpoints of the horizontal line and vertical line by using the line command as shown in the figure.

Step: 4

What is the about the angle? The antenna dish required a specific angle. After interests the points to form a slant line you can see the angle is formed on the two sides with 26 degrees. Measure the angle with Dimension tools. Then the curve radius of the dish 3175 mm by using radius tool you can measure this. Follow these commands and draw the perfect dish as per your requirement.

The total development of the dish is completed and the focal length is 1447 mm. Note all dimensions are in mm you can also convert the mm into inches.

1inch = 25.40 mm

for example, the 1447mm

= 1447 divide by 25.40


= 56.96 inches

Step: 5

Then finally the Antenna dish drawing is completed. the height of the dish also you can measure. if you rotate the dish as you require. Maintain the angle and copy or move the object to the right side. This is the general model I developed in this software. You can also develop this model in the different type of software.

Next, give the thickness 8mm to the dish by using offset command mention the distance 8 mm the add the thickness to internal diameter of the dish then you get the internal diameter

Internal diameter + 2x thickness

3613 + 2 x 8

3613 + 16

3629 mm (Outer diameter of the dish).


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