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Step 1.

How to Draw a Hemispherical Dish 2D in Auto-CAD. Follow this Calculations to draw a Hemispherical Dish 2D in Auto-CAD. Note: All dimensions are in millimeters. For hemispherical Dish we have to consider 4 Points. 1.THICKNESS, 2.INTERNAL DIAMETER, 3.INSIDE DISH RADIUS 4.HEIGHT OF THE DISH. Example: First we have to consider how much thickness and internal diameter of dish. For Example 1650mm Internal diameter(ID)of the dish, 8mm thickness of the dish. Open Auto-CAD Software......

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Step 2.

Draw a radius of the circle 825mm. INSIDE DISH RADIUS(IDR) = (ID)/2, = 1650/2, = 825. As shown in the figure, assign the dimensions.

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Step 3.

Draw a Horizontal line center to the circle, after check the dimension it should be 1650mm as shown, in the figure.

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Step 4.

After that, trim the remaining part of the circle at bottom. and you can get the semi circle, As shown, in the figure.

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Step 5.

Then, assign the thickness of the dish is 10mm by using the offset command. As shown in the figure, Height of the dish is 835mm. To find the height of the dish follow this calculation.HEIGHT(H) = ID/2+THK, = 1650/2 + 10, = 825+10, = 835mm. Note: All dimensions in Millimeters. You, want to learn more about this Design in Detail. Watch the full video Playlist below links with detail explanations and various methods.