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Step 1.

How to Draw a Ellipsoidal Dish 2D in Auto-CAD. Follow this Calculations to draw a Ellipsoidal Dish 2D in Auto-CAD. Note: All dimensions are in millimeters. For Ellipsoidal Dish we have to consider 6 Points. 1.THICKNESS, 2.INTERNAL DIAMETER, 3.KNUCKLE RADIUS 4.CROWN RADIUS 5.STRAIGHT FACE 6.HEIGHT OF THE DISH. Example: First we have to consider how much thickness and internal diameter of dish. For Example 1650mm Internal diameter(ID)of the dish, 8mm thickness of the dish. Open Auto-CAD Software......

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Step 2.

Draw a vertical line by using the line command and assign the dimension of the line to 1650mm.

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Step 3.

Draw a circle of radius is 1485mm. if you observe the image, circle should touch the both end points of the Vertical line. CROWN RADIUS(R) = INTERNAL DIAMETER (ID) X 0.90, = 1650 X 0.90, = 1485 MM

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Step 4.

Draw a Horizontal line and place the line at end of the vertical line point, as shown in the figure. and next, offset the center vertical line at the end points of the horizontal line and after extend the lines it should meet the circle. As, shown in the figure.

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Step 5.

As, Shown in the figure, fillet the extended lines at end of the circle. After you can get the Dish shape object. After that delete all remaining lines and reference lines with fillet command and delete, Erase commands. KNUCKLE RADIUS(r) = INTERNAL DIAMETER(ID) X 0.17, = 1650 X 0.17, = 280.5 MM

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Step 6.

Finally you get the shape, as shown in the figure.After that assign the dimensions to all of the object what you drawn for to make a dish. as shown in figure 50mm is drawn for straight face of the dish. There is a standard. HOW TO GIVE STRAIGHT FACE (S.F) TO THE DISH? INTERNAL DIAMETER IS 1 METER ABOVE CONSIDER S.F = 50MM, 500MM TO 1 METER CONSIDER S.F = 40MM, BELOW 500MM CONSIDER S.F = 30MM.

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Step 7.

Consider the thickness of the dish 10mm as per the standard calculations thickness you want for the dish. Assign all the dimension what you want to highlight, as shown in the figure. By following the all the steps while drawing in Auto CAD. you can easily get the height of the dish. If you want to calculate the dish height? HEIGHT OF THE DISH = ID X 0.25 + S.F + THK, = 1650 X 0.25 + 50 + 8, =472.5. You can observe the image same length will obtain in Drawing. You, want to learn more about this Design in Detail. Watch the full video Playlist below links with detail explanations and various methods.