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Step 1.

In this, I am going to explain you, How to draw a 2-Dimensional General Cone in Auto CAD. As shown in the figure that is the interface of this software. Open, Auto-CAD Software.

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Step 2.

For Example, We want a cone with 500mm Internal Diameter(ID) x 200mm Internal Diameter(ID) x 8mm Thickness General cone of height 450mm. NOTE: All Dimensions are in mm. Draw a Horizontal line of 500mm and after draw a vertical line of 450mm at the center of the horizontal line as shown, in the figure. Same like draw another horizontal line of 200mm at bottom.

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Step 3.

After, assign the dimensions to the objects and intersect the two horizontal line with draw a another two lines on both sides as shown in the figure.

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Step 4.

After assign the thickness of the cone to 8mm. By using the offset command on Auto-CAD you can give the two lines on both sides. As Shown, in the figure.

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Step 5.

The required cone will obtain as shown in the figure.By this method you can find the Outer diameter of the cone. Assign and check all the dimensions. You can shape different size and type of cones in Auto-CAD including with 3D features. You, want to learn more about this Design in Detail. Watch the full video Playlist below links with detail explanations and various methods.