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Step 1.

To Develop a Pressure vessel it means cylindrical shell in Auto-cad, First Consider how much volume of the cylindrical shell is required. Example : 1650 Internal Diameter(ID) x 8mm Thickness(THK). Follow the Below Steps for to achieve the required Cylindrical Shell.

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Step 2.

After, You require the volume of the shell for to know height of the shell. Follow the above Calculation to find the volume of the shell. As shown in the Figure.

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Step 3.

After Calculating the Volume you can get the height of the shell and volume of the shell. For to calculate the dishes. Dishes are of different types like Tori-spherical, Ellipsoidal, Hemispherical. You want to know about these dish Explanations visit Dish Articles.

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Step 4.

Open Auto-CAD Software..., After draw a Horizontal line of 1650mm this is called as internal diameter of the shell and next, Draw a vertical line of 1870mm this is called as height of the shell make it as Complete rectangular object with same dimensions on other side and assign the dimensions. As shown in the figure.

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Step 5.

After, you can observe the figure there is a dish object placed on the rectangular object what we drawn before. That is called a Tori-spherical Dish. How to develop a Tori-spherical Dish already Explained in detail you can check that article it is available in site. Simply, Copy and paste the dish object to it.

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Step 6.

After, Follow the same process again attach the Dish at bottom of the shell. Then you can observe the image the complete Cylindrical Shell is obtained in Auto-CAD. Then you can get all the dimensions as shown in the figure. You, want to learn more about this Design in Detail. Watch the full video Playlist below links with detail explanations and various methods.